What We Do

About Us

We are proud to be an Indian, country known as Golden Bird, the oldest civilization of the world where an amalgamation of religions and cultures makes a very colourful and thriving country. Not to rest on past laurels, we are also fast emerging as one of the leading economies of the world with an Indian as the richest man in Europe and fourth in first ten richest of the world. Sri Roda Foods is the name known for quality food products. Established in 1895, Sri Roda foods, a joint family venture, is into import and export of walnuts ( akhrot ) and Morels (mushrooms). Sri Roda Foods is the largest and biggest leading company under the brand name more often remembered as D. D. Walnuts & G .B. Mushrooms. We especially import Olives, Olive oil, Pastas, Tomatoes, Italian Rice & Polenta, Italian delicacies, Variety of Mushrooms from France, different varieties of Sauces, Cheese, Herbs & Spices, Bar & Coffee Syrups, Microwave Popcorn, Mexican & Lebanese Food ,Corn products and Thai products.

Sri Roda Foods' Managers in Imports

Sri Roda Foods is incorporated for imports of variety of food products from around world. Worked under the Genius of business Lala Roshan Lal known as man of words, honesty and trust his son Deepak Asrani , daughter in law Richa Asrani and his Grandson Rishabh Asrani: following the same path & tradition, have emerged as one of leading importers in India.

Our Dimensions

Sri Roda Foods situated in the heart of India the capital of the country New Delhi. In India, we have widespread network of retail business over eighteen states. We import food from all around world mainly U S A, Mexico, Chile, Europe & Thailand for our esteemed institution like Pizza Huts, Dominos super deluxe hotels & restaurants, Mr. Beans retail chains like Big Bazaar, Subhiksha, The Big Apple and Reliance Fresh